Who we are and what we do…

    The International Society of the Built Environment (ISBE) is a society of professionals, academics and government advisors who has an interest in the sustainable development of built environments, environmental engineering, architecture, environmental health and human factors, indoor environmental quality, building conservation (including weathering and biodeterioration), building technologies and urban designs, environmental epidemiology, occupational and non-occupational hygiene and sanitation, structural safety, building regulations, international standards and guidelines, water supplies and drainage, spatial planning, social housing  environments (e.g. ageing communities).  
   We exist to promote the issues of sustainability in the built environment (e.g. energy efficiency, health and wellbeing, pollution, comfort, infrastructure and building services, material usage, land use, community and  living space, flood risk management and urban drainage, contaminated land, crime and fire prevention, and transport).
   We foster international collaboration, information transfer and advices for development of international standards, guidelines, government regulations and policies; and for education of researchers, practitioners and designers that would contribute to the sustainable development of the built environment with a due consideration of health and wellbeing of occupants in all types of buildings in different parts of the world.




Our Missions

1. Promote the sustainability issues related to indoor and built environment.

2. Provides a forum for information transfer and education of architects, building technologists, environmental engineers, environmental health practitioners, indoor air quality scientists.
3. Foster international collaboration in research and development, building and environmental designs, government policies, regulations and guidelines.
4. Promote “Health and Wellbeing” for development of built environments for all cultures and nationalities.

5. Advance the science and technology of environmental control and encourage their adoption into practice.